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It's not very cold, but somehow feels very dank and bonechilly. I feel rather crook, too, just to ensure my being in ultra-dormouse mode for the MCR at the weekwnd, I guess! Bum. I'm still determined to avoid switching the heat on until December. It's only a few days, now. (This month has shot by scarily.)
I got a card from a pet crematorium, informing me of Amazy's incineration, and inviting me to visit the Garden of Rememberance, offering condolences, etc. I never got these things when Wotan passed. It's very courteous, and all, but they also make me grizzly.  As for possible adoption of cute one-eyed cat. I've still not heard from the shelter. I told them the dates I'm going to be away, so they can inform me when someone is coming to check out my flat, but haven't had any response, yet.
I'd also want to meet him, of course, to see if we suit each other, but with him being an enthusisastic lap cat, and indoor-only, I imagine we would.Fingers still crossed, then.
Another interesting new mini-series on BBC1 last night, CAPITAL. I didn't particularly fancy it. but find mysels sufficiently curious about what's going on to be hooked. Must also recommend last night's IMAGINE, a brilliant and uplifting film about Wilko Johnson's incredibly cool reaction to his expected impending doom from cancer, dotted with many nice film clips and stuff. Happily, it looks as though the admirable Mr J may have beaten the Reaper after all, for the present. Great stuff.


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Re the drawing - yes, it is the in thing for young girls to have legs like nut crackers. Once upon a time, if you were to have good/shapely legs they curved beautifully - now you can drive a train through the top of the thighs.

Mind the gap :-/

Well meaning vets can be offputting. When Isha died they sent us a card with her pawprint on it, as a memento. Kaija was horrified. Did they take the pawprint while the kitty was still alive? Unlikely. So ...

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