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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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One O' Those Days....
I started out by treading in a gigantic mound of dawg shit. So many people around here don't bother to clean up. I hope it brings good luck, at least.
Then it rained, but luckily I was nearly done with my 'workout' and didn't get too wet.
R Next Door's smelly, crumbling old car finally failed the MOT. She's afraid of being cheated if she buys another, and claims she's going to give the dogs away and jump out the window...
I schlepped to the pharmacy and my repeat prescriptions still haven't arrived. (Supposedly sent Thursday...) So. it's a week now without BP medication.
I consoled myself on the way home with anticipating a study of THE RADIO TIMES with a nice coffee...No RADIO TIMES in the post! Hell and Damnation!
Saw a decent film; A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT, about a burquah-wearing, skateboarding vampire. It looks classy in b&w, and has a nice Val Lewton-ish creepiness.
I'm glad to see THE BRIDGE back on BBC4, although I miss Martin. Looks like poor Saga is in for a rough ride. It does spook me a bit, how much I relate to her-and how familiar the way people react to her is.
FARGO and LONDON SPY continue to be very good indeed, so thank the gods for telly.


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It amazes me what people think it's OK to ask other people.

Honey looks a great deal more adorable (and hilarious) in your drawing than no doubt she is in real life.

I feel sorry for Honey. She can't help it that she was bred irresponsibly and her owner is ignorant, and hasn't trained her. She's always been OK with me, but has gone for a lot of people and is always involved in dogfights.

Yep, it's never the dog' fault. They're just doing their doggy job.

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