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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Bitching And Batards...
Weird sort of day. R Next Door will not let up about how 'egotistical' and 'cruel' I am to consider homing a young cat  ( who is 'indoor only' and unpopularly black, with one eye...) at my age, in my poky flat...
Then, I was waiting for the bus, and heard that there was a bad accident near Vauxhall, and they weren't running, so I walked down to Queenstown Road and went to the Brixton LIDL, etc. On the way back, nearly two hours later, the buses were still up the Swanee, and diverted at Queenstown Road, so I had to walk from there, again, with my melty frozen stuff...Earlier, there had been a lot of sirens, police, fire,air ambulance, etc. headed towards Clapham Junction, so it looked like some major unpleasantness happened at both ends of the road,today,  but there was nothing on the news, so I guess at least nobody died.


I was sniggering at the 'sourdough batards' in ASDA, and idly googling later, discovered that that's actually what you call a short baguette. Whaddya know?
It turns out that a cyclist was hit by a cement mixer at Vauxhall, yesterday, but survived,just about, hence no news coverage.
After yesterday's upsetting tirade about how I personally caused Amazy's poor health and early death, and how I'd have to make 'many changes' to the flat and my way of life to adopt again, without being a selfish monstah, R Next Door started moaning about being 'on the breadline' being unpleasant. I know, sez I, I've been there all my life...' HA!' she replied, 'I yam unable to to do ANYTHING, and yew are always going on these trips, and buying things!' This scares me, as I feel she's cursing me, and the truth is, that while I have enough to cover a bit more travel, once the last few thou of my inheritance is gone, I'll have fuck all to survive on for the rest of my days but the bare state pension. My excursions are all cheapish city breaks, as well, not exactly posh cruises to exotic climes, and I'd never had any opportunity to travel, before my mother died. Grunt. R was totally rich until whatever happened in her family happened, going skiing all the time, having horses and Afghan hounds, jetsetting with her wealthy, famous chums, etc. Ain't my fault she's poor, now. Such is life. I'm really getting in the mood to slug her.


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You do not need to apologise for the air that you breathe, or the clothes that you stand up in. She maybe a 'friend', but it is your life and you are entitled to lead it in whatever way you see fit.

The little Nelson cat sounds ideal! Cyclops cats have real trouble finding homes, and black too and indoor only. R is being stupid.

Hugs you

Edited to add that a indoor black cat with only one eye will get to spend many happy years with you which is better than no years.

I'm sure Amazy had a very happy life.

For the record when my beloved cat Priscilla had to be put down she was also on the table and not in my arms. I was still there comforting her as you were with Amazy.

Edited at 2015-11-14 04:56 am (UTC)

Thanks. I did hold her before the injection, but it just seemed she'd feel 'better' on the table. We were stroking her as she went.
She always seemed an exceptionally happy, relaxed cat, but then, how do we know what the lil' buggers are thinking, if they think, as we know it...? I'm very easy to guilt out.

I sometimes think that my indoor cat is my prisoner rather than my pet; but her jail cell is very loving.

My house is quite big but when I was single I had an indoor cat in a little flat and she seemed quite happy even though I used to go out to work.

You might have a little flat but you are mainly home so your little indoor cat will be getting lots of company and attention.

When I got Chloe (my current cat) she had been dumped at the cat haven twice, and had spent the previous 7 months locked up on her own in a small pen.
The smallest of flats with a loving owner who have seemed like heaven to her.

Aww Lee- you just made me cry. Poor Amazey.

Sorry! (I just filled up about Diesel the Paris police dog...)

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