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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Feeling Insane... (Whinge Alert!)
I'm just so low these days, I don't seem able to see any hope in any area. I've already been given double my  former antidepressant dose. (Didn't work before, still doesn't work...)
I finally decided to go to Venice, although I don't want to go anywhere, especially alone- but they were booked up, of course. May try to book for Christmas Markets tomorrow, if I can decide where, and, indeed, if there's anything left at this point.
The bug man came, and said the things. are weevils, the midge-like flying ones, too. I was instructed to go through all 'grain-based' stuff to check for them, and throw out the sources of infestation. I made a start, but so far, nothing. I can't cope, really.
Nothing distracting on TV tonight, so I watched some more AMERICAN HORROR STORY 4, which continues compellingly disgusting. Very sad, though, the sorrows of freaks...I'm definitely in an oversensitive state. Sniff.

Doodlediary: R strikes again...

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Contact The Cinnamon Trust - they are always looking for an array of people who want to look after 'house cats' and will rehouse your animal when you pass away. They are based in Cornwall, but have places over the British Isles.


Not heard of this one, thanks. I already have 'provided' for any cats, in case I cark it or get committed, with another charity, and R Next Door knows this, but...

My mother is 74 and I am searching frantically to get her a puppy dachshund. Maman is very frisky and active though and will cope easily with the walks and activity needed for a young dog (and the dog will keep her running about too.)

Dachshund's live till 14 or so, I'm anticipating maman is strong and healthy enough to reach 90 in good shape (partly from the dog keeping her in shape too) but I have also vowed to look after the dog if necessary.

By which time it'll be monstrous spoiled.

So sorry to hear this. Cats are very cheering so I hope you find one soon (and R can FUCK OFF with her opinion, she is completely wrong.)

Insect Bombs are pretty good, and these people were really helpful and deliver fast when I thought I had bed-bugs. Give 'em a ring for advice?

I've found weevils in old flour, any such items, left long enough, will get infected as the eggs are in the flour already. Sometimes you can bring an infestation in... I bought loose nuts from a local shop and found them full of maggots! I never buy nuts from loose piles any more as these can be susceptible to infestation.

Also, any grains or flour I now buy I seal in glass jars or metal tins, not just to stop things escaping but also to stop mice getting in (mice are a problem in my area.)

My advice, get some bombs, seal behind glass or metal or bin ALL foodstuffs, especially bags of flour, pasta, nuts, seeds or grains and set off a few bombs to kill off the flying things.

Then I'm afraid you'll need to hoover the whole flat and chuck out/empty the bag out of the flat.

Good luck! Just be glad it ain't bedbugs, the insect bombs will work well on weevils.

Edited at 2015-11-12 07:25 am (UTC)

Thanks so much for the tips. I'd though I was keeping pasta and whatnot
safely enough, but I guess not! :p

Nuffink left in bags, roaches and mice can gnaw in! Shove sealed bags in old metal biscuit tins and old big jam jars.
I'd be loathe to throw away food that still seems good, seal seal away and cook it later.

And bomb the buzzy blighters to knock it on the head!

Weevils. Yeek! I hope you find the source soon. And that there's still plenty of time to book a Christmas Market trip.

I've said it before but... how does R not get punched in the face a thousand times a day, with the stuff she comes out with? Human beings, as a whole, are so much more tolerant than they get credit for.

When I wanted to get another cat after Priscilla died, my husband Ray felt very much like "R" does.

I got around that by getting a cat that was already 4.5 years old, I would have preferred one who was around 7, but hopefully I'll last another 14 years and will outlive the cat.

Sometimes cat refuge homes do get old cats who have outlived their elderly owners; maybe you can contact some cat refugees and ask them to keep an eye out for a suitable cat for you.

Also one of my friends has agreed that if anything should happen to me she will give Chloe a loving home. That's easy for her to say now; but I do trust her that she would take Chloe in and love her.

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