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Very Like A Whale...
Maddeningly mild, unwholesome weather continues. There have been interesting skies, though. The other day, a big white cumulus cloud suddenly sailed, Moby Dick-like, through the surrounding bank of dark grey. It was pretty impressive.
There's a lot of good stuff on TV at the moment. LONDON SPY. going by last night's first ep, is going to be a corker. I think it might have been partly inspired by the weird death of a young spy-type a few years back. (I don't think they've ever quite figured that one out...You know, found scrunched up in  a sports bag in his own bathtub...)
Today I took an extra load to the launderette, then spent the afternoon dozing and half-watching ancient b&w films. Such thrills...
R Next door criticised me yet again, for stubbornly clinging to my opinions when she she's given me her own unassailable beliefs...It must be said, though, that she may have saved Layla the Labrador's life. while petting her, she discovered a big hard lump that the dawg's owners had been completely unaware of, and advised them to get her to the vet ASAP. She's since had an operation to remove it. They don't have results yet, but whatever it was was obviously better out than in.
I see the ENO FORZA has had excellent reviews. It really is a good 'un.

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Glad to hear R did Layla some good. Although I can't say I'm surprised - she finds something wrong with everybody!

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