Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,


Woke up to very thick fog this morning. It still hasn't lifted. Down in the park, it was well HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES  spooky. I rather enjoyed it. dank and wet as it was.
I've not noticed any thinning of the veil, this year. I've been thinking a lot of departed friends, human and animal, but not a peep from anyone; no dreams, nuffink.
The horrid mildness continues, and after braying for weeks about he upcoming killer cold winter, the media now warns of 'the warmest November on record'. Meh!
Must GO somewhere. Still considering Venice at the end of November, disinclined as I feel to do anything at all. Wish I could get someone to come with me...
Enjoyed THE DRESSER on BBC2 last night. I do love that dingy backstage ambiance, and the gloomy little doorkeepers' hutches. I actually still miss those grimy cells!
Listened to Orson Welles' unfilmed screenplay based on HEART OF DARKNESS. (It's still on iPlayer). APOCALYPSE NOW is brilliant of course, but I'd have loved to see what Welles (presumably playing Kurtz-) would have done with this.



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