Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

More Murk...

Weather continues disgustingly sticky and sweaty, with intermittent rain. Skipped exercise this morning, but by lunchtime, I felt obligated to go out and do it, as it was dry enough. I wish if it's gonna rain, it would do it all day.
This weeks films were INTERSTELLAR, which I'd expected to be borning. Actually, despite being terribly long, it wasn't bad, I was actually rather moved, at times.
THE HUMAN CENTEPEDE 3, was, of course, groteque to the max. Dieter Laser is quite fascinating. I don't think I've ever seen an actor depict such frightening perverted lunacy so effectively, apart from Klaus Kinski, who actually was nuts. Mr Laser is evidently quite a pleasant, refined person in RL.
I see there have been a lot of complaints about JEKYLL AND HYDE being too scary for pre-watershed kiddie consumption. Well, the Harbinger creature certainly creeped me out, but I've seen equally disturbing stuff on DOCTOR WHO, like the Weeping Angels. I still shudder to remember a giant spider with Mark Gatiss' face, charging down a corridor, a few years ago...
EASTENDERS gets madder by the moment. After somehow escaping his homicidal captor(s?), and stumbling home with a broken arm, a broken leg, and several bashed-in ribs, Phil is so traumatised that he's headed back to the bottle. Yay! Phil Mitchell drunk is almost as entertaining as Phil Mitchell on crack.


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