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Hamlet, 'Laydeez', Etc.

Last night, despite feeling like shit, with headache, dodgy stomach, 'exploding knees' (Another attendant was also suffering from this affliction-), social phobia, etc. I shuffled off to the Laydeez Do Comics meeting at Gosh. Ellen Lindner did a slide show mostly about BLACK FEATHER FALLS, the graphic novel. It looks great, I particularly like the colourways she's used.
The other presenters were  Laura Howell, who's recently produced THE BIZARRE ADVENTURES IF GILBERT AND SULLIVAN. I still don't get the whole Manga ethos, I'm afraid; 'Super Deformed'?),  and  Estelle Bachelard, a cute French Canadian, who speaks little English, and whose spiel was a mystery to me. She does the cheerful, ever so girly C'EST NE PAS FACILE D'ETRE UNE FILLE.
We had to wait ouside for centuries, and once in, I felt claustrophobic. Also, like the great divvy I am, I only forgot to wear the bloody hearing aid, and couldn't understand what anyone was saying in the break, due to all the background chat. Guh.
I was also prevented from chitchat, as usual, by shyness. It was nice to see familiar comix faces, though, even if I couldn't remember anybody's name, etc. (Oh, the shame of senility-)  I was glad to get out into the air, but found the walk back to the Strand rather scary; so many half-pissed people, and tourists not looking where they were going, etc. My poor balance, all the construction work, and my dodgy night vision made it a proper obstacle course. I shouldn't be allowed outdoors on my own after dark.
Today, still half asleep, I hobbled up to the Picture House for the NT HAMLET screening. The charismatic Mr Cumberbatch, of course, did well, with an intelligent, warm-hearted reading, and he does have a lovely voice. I found the rest of the cast pretty lukewarm, on the whole, though. Kobna Holdbrook-Smith's Laertes, was OK, and I quite liked Matthew Steer's befuddled, rather Hugh Grantish Rozencrantz. I felt kinda sorry for him. I was disappointed in Ciaran Hinds, though. I was expecting something more robust, but he came across more Polonius than Claudius. The production looked OK, I thought. It was quite a short version, with a lot of the script rather different than usual, ( perhaps to be more easily understood by the hoi polloi ?) All in all, worth seeing, but not spectacular.
EASTENDERS continues being kinky. We've recently had a couple of hair-raising scenes where gurning undertaker Les Coker was seen creeping around guiltily in his Y-fronts... For some time, it's been suggested that he was having an affair with his wife's best friend, but, as I suspected, he's actually a transvestite, and she's his confidante/enabler. Ooo-er!


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