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Cat Contemplation...
Continuing to mull on the possible adoption of one of the strays who have recently turned up at the vets'. R Next door insists that it would be cruel to take in a youngish (4-5 year old...) cat who has been used to outdoor access, to live in a flat with an 'old age woman'...That's why Amazy died, you know. 'Ven she came to you, she was a young, healthy cat. Zen ze thyroid, zen ze kidneys, zen ze tumour... Zis is not a natural, healthy environment.'  Like I did all this, in the miasma of my flat? @^%*!!
BTW, received a sympathy card from the vet practice, with a packet of 'forget me not' seeds. I started blubbing, of course. Nice gesture, though. They've just about bankrupted me over the years, but they are a good practice, and genuinely seem to care about the animals (as well as the money.)
The latest tormented tec series, RIVER, has started with a bang. I really like it , so far. Stellan Stasgaard is always good value, and it's a very engaging story, with woowoo elements. Unfortunately, MIDWINTER OF THE SPIRIT, recently finished, turned out to be pretty obvious and rather dull.

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I was thinking of those old 'Draw Me'  ads for correspondence art courses that used to be in comic books. I did one and sent it in, when I was about nine, and got a letter back offering to take me on. I thought I must be brilliantly talented!  :D

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While I don't agree with R on flat miasma, I personally think it might be a better to get a "house" cat, that has never roamed free. Amazy was no spring chicken when you took her in as I recall, and having a rough time being bullied by other pets, and thus quite content with a lovely quiet smaller space of her own where she felt safe.

Perhaps an older rescue cat? Older cats tend to be unwanted and often very grateful to be taken out of a rescue centre to a home where they'll be loved.

Unfortunately, vet bills might be worse, then again, an indoor cat is more cushioned from accidents and diseases, so it's swings and roundabouts.

I tend to think it's not a good idea to have cats running around near a busy main road, not to mention the threats from mean dogs, mad people, etc. Enclosed garden/patio would be best, I suppose. I actually have been thinking of adopting an established 'indoor' cat.
The cat I'm tempted by at the vets' is 4-5, which makes him less likely to be adopted than kitten -2 year olds... and he may well have been an 'indoor' cat before he ended up stray. He's been neutered.
It's in the lap of the gods. His owners may still turn up.

I agree going outside is pretty dangerous for city cats. As I live in a suburb my cats have always had outdoor access: of my latest three, one basically moved outside permanently (she was a wild kitten), one enjoys spending most of the day outside and the other one hardly ever leaves the house:). Cats can be happy anywhere. That's one of their superpowers.

Cats run the random gene gamut like people do; in my long and happy (and also heartbreaking) history of having kitties... you just never know what'll bring them down. Some seem fine, healthy and strong, then various physical things take them when they're only 4 or 5 yrs old. One stray I took in as a kitten lived to 19. It is harder on them if they've tasted the joy of outside living to have that denied them, but over time, some of them do adjust.

I think that your love, dedication and cat-soul would be a gift to any stray you adopted. They would be blessed to have you in their lives. Pls don't let R get you down ((hugs)) And loving thoughts on dear, sweet Amazy.


Thanks <3

The only was that I've been able to get over the death of my beloved cat is to get another cat. My cats that have died still live on in my heart, getting a new cat doesn't make that go away, but it does make it easier.

I think that it will be hard to get a mature cat that is used to roaming free to adapt to being a house hold cat.

My latest cat Chloe was 4.5 years old when I adopted her from the car rescue society. I don't believe in letting cats outside and Chloe luckily has never shown the slightest inclination to want to go out.

Before I got her she had been locked in a small pen for 7 months, so that may help account for the fact that she is very happy being a house cat.

I think that if you are patient a house cat the desperately needs a new home will come your way.

Maybe the vet will let you take one of the strays on a trial basis with the understanding that if it can't adapt to an indoor life you can return it.

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