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Cat Contemplation...

Continuing to mull on the possible adoption of one of the strays who have recently turned up at the vets'. R Next door insists that it would be cruel to take in a youngish (4-5 year old...) cat who has been used to outdoor access, to live in a flat with an 'old age woman'...That's why Amazy died, you know. 'Ven she came to you, she was a young, healthy cat. Zen ze thyroid, zen ze kidneys, zen ze tumour... Zis is not a natural, healthy environment.'  Like I did all this, in the miasma of my flat? @^%*!!
BTW, received a sympathy card from the vet practice, with a packet of 'forget me not' seeds. I started blubbing, of course. Nice gesture, though. They've just about bankrupted me over the years, but they are a good practice, and genuinely seem to care about the animals (as well as the money.)
The latest tormented tec series, RIVER, has started with a bang. I really like it , so far. Stellan Stasgaard is always good value, and it's a very engaging story, with woowoo elements. Unfortunately, MIDWINTER OF THE SPIRIT, recently finished, turned out to be pretty obvious and rather dull.

doodlediary:  #inktober

I was thinking of those old 'Draw Me'  ads for correspondence art courses that used to be in comic books. I did one and sent it in, when I was about nine, and got a letter back offering to take me on. I thought I must be brilliantly talented!  :D

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