Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Autumn At Last?...

It was actually fairly chilly this morning. Otherwise Summer seems to be dragging on eternally.
I'm starving, but everything I eat gives me bloody heartburn.
The DVD player  still doen't work.
I gave up on THE WALKING DEAD ages ago, but the new season is supposed to have improved. Can't watch it anyway, 'cos I ain't got Fox.
Two stunning tuxedo boys, local strays, have recently been turned in to my vets' practise. If they aren't claimed, I was considering adopting one. Too soon, of course, I'm still mourning and missing Amazy. Still, it's most unusual, and might be a 'sign'...

Doodlediary/  #inktober
Used some Inktense sticks on this one...

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