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I've had terrible indigestion and heartburn the past few days, and can't eat much at all, yet I don't think I'm losing any weight. I really feel yuck. Emotionally, I'm all messed up, too. I miss Amazy so much, and some days it seems to be actually getting worse. Also, I keep dreaming about being obliged to have sex with ugly dwarfs, whatever that may mean!
I was quite saddened to read that Dennis Eichorn has died, much too young. Mind you, if even half his stories were true, it's amazing he made it to 30! I never met him, or anything, but I was always delighted to see a new REAL STUFF/REAL SMUT, and still have most of his comics.
Watched IRIS, a portrait of the great style icon, which I managed to really enjoy. Then the bloody DVD player died! Bloody fucking hell! What am I gonna do?
I had intended to go to CAPTION, except that I forgot...It's tomorrow, and getting to Coventry is a bit expensive and hasslesome. Damn, though. It will be mostly young folks, though, and feeling as grotty as I do, I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it much.

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