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Scribble, Scribble...

Fear of being 'helped' back to employment by Mr. Brown's decrees has started me drawing furiously before it's Too Late and I'm spending my days being leathered into smiling behind the McDonnell's counter or summat.
...Loved that one, btw, the McD's bosses think their fortunes will pick up again if they introduce 'premium' burgers with meat, and give their unfortunate slaves training in grinning and grovelling...
Wish I could work out how to do a proper strip-blog, but I suppose I'd have to be a paid member, anyhow... I must say I feel the need to purchase a LJ T-shirt. I'm resisting, but I don't think much of my long-term chances.
Just had a dinner of fucking miso soup with chopped celery that was going limp,various spices, and rice. It was profoundly disgusting. Pizza! I want premium pizza...The bloke accross the hall has been yelling and thumping rather a lot. He hasn't been really crackerdog since he got shot of his pikey consort. Wonder what's up?

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