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Got up before six, as I knew it would take over two hours to get to London Bridge on the bus...(It's only about 4-5 miles away!)
It was, of course, excruciating, but the actual hospital thing was brief, and I was seen on time, which is most unusual. I now have a tickly, unpleasant hearing aid on the left side. (I 'need' two, but opted to see if I got along with one, first.)
So far, it doesn't seem to be helping at all, but they said it takes six weeks to get used to it. Can't see myself wearing it all the time, though, as they say you should.
I continue to feel sad, lonely, and disinclined to do any bloody thing at all. I didn't go to choir last night, although I'd got changed, brushed my teeth, and all. I just couldn't face it. There was just no urge to sing in me. I'm not even hungry, which I suppose is a silver lining.
Lift's still broken, too; over two weeks, this time-
Watched EXODUS: GODS AND HEROES, which was boring beyond description. You wouldn't think all that action and spectacle could  be SO dull. The 50's Cecil B DeMille version with Charlton Heston in a mad wig is a million times better.
Oh, BTW, I've discovered a Freeview channel, Talking Pictures (81), which has a lot of crazy old stuff, like THUNDER ROCK, TRILBY, WHAT A WHOPPER!, etc. Arf!


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Not surprised you don't feel like singing:(.

My Mum only wears her hearing aids when she goes out and for TV, and that seems to work fine despite all the lectures about wearing them all the time. She did find it was true that it took some weeks to get used to, though.

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