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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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It's official, then, I have 'slight to moderate hearing loss' in both ears, and was advised to try out a hearing aid to see how I get on with it. I go back for a fitting next week...You can imagine what the NHS models look like, and they seem really fiddly. I don't expect to use it, except for 'special occasions' but might as well have a go, in case the deafness gets worse (and gods know, it probably will...)
Trolling around ASDA, I passed a dignified-looking young man stacking shelves. He murmured 'Oh God!' to himself in such a soft, poignant tone that I felt like crying. I've been feeling like crying a LOT, even before Amazy got ill and died. 'The drugs don't work.'...
Was quite impressed by the LADY MACBETH OF MTSENSK  dress rehearsal at ENO. The modern office set was a bit peculiar. It kind of reminded me of that Hammer film where Dracula was hanging out in a City tower block (AD72?)
I've only seen it once before, also at ENO, with Josephine Barstow as Katerina and Willard White as Boris. That was a weird production, too. I seem to recall the chorus men cavorting lewdly with joints of meat...I definitely found it more interesting this time.There was a good, solid cast, and the ENO orchestra sounded fabulous under the new musical director, Mark Wigglesworth. They were obviously enjoying all that rough and rowdy Shostakovich, especially the bawdy bonking music that shocked everyone, back in the day.
Looks like an excellent start to the new season.
I liked the new TV version of  THE GO-BETWEEN, as well. Much better than the rather drippy LADY CHATTERLY the other week.

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My dad had some super-expensive hearing aids but they're so damned small and fiddly. The batteries need replacing constantly.

To be honest, when my time comes I'd rather have a big fat clip-on thing that rarely needs new batteries and is obviously visible, so that when I'm out shopping people can see that I have a hearing aid and might not hear clearly and am not being deliberately obtuse.

I'd stick diamante on it.

Diamante is an excellent notion!

Why not…everything else is decorated with Swarovski crystals.

I have tinnitus for over 30 years, and it isn't correctible with a conventional hearing aid, so I've had to adapt.

My roommate—who punctured his left eardrum when he was a kid—has gotten a sound amplifier rather than a medical-type hearing aid, and it works great for him.

My mother was very doubtful about hers, and she's been back and forth a lot to get them adjusted, but although she finds them annoying to wear she wouldn't be without them now. She has to wear them a lot because she has tinnitus (they recommend you do that because it helps with the tinnitus in some mysterious way) but if you don't have a problem with that or with hearing the TV you can get away with cluttering yourself up with them a lot less.

Luckily, I don't have tinnitus.

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