Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Crying Myself A River...

My sweet, silly, familiar Amazy is gone.
I felt pretty sure yesterday when I left her at the vets' to be monitored, etc. in a last ditch effort to turn her around for a while, that she was past caring.
She got worse in the night, and I was advised that to spare her any further discomfort, it was time for "The Rainbow Bridge"
R Next Door, who is at her rich friend's for a couple of weeks, insisted on coming along for moral support, and I really do appreciate it. For all her obnoxiousness, she's brilliant in situations like this.
Amazy was still awake, if pretty out of it, and we gave her some cuddles. Anders the vet, who also eased Wotan out, is very good, and it was pretty much instantaneous and very gentle, although she gave a wee whimper.
I decided to walk home to clear my head a bit. Actually, it may have been a blessing that I didn't get to bring her home, as the lift's kaput yet again, and I would have had to bump the  pet trolley down the stairs.
I've been howling ever since I got indoors. May get drunk tonight.


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