Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

As Bad As It Gets...

I'm still stunned. £375 bought the information that Amazy has a huge mass in her bladder, almost certainly cancer, which is being checked out, but even if it isn't, surgery isn't a realistic option. I know many people will just think what an absurd, pathetic old woman I am, getting so worked up about a cat. I know I am, but my heart is fucking broken. I'm not even hungry!
She's not likely to have more than a few weeks, and this is all just out of the blue, since Saturday.
She's not even very old, although since I've had her, she's had to have thyroid treatment, and then it was discovered that she was in early renal failure. All of this has cost me a fortune in vet fees and rocketing insurance premiums, of course, but I'd hoped she's live to a fine old age, like Wotan. She's such a nice cat. I don't feel up to saying much more right now, and I'm fully aware of how much worse the griefs of others are, at present, but pain is pain, and I got it...
BTW, thanks to everyone who's enquired after her. It does help in a strange way.
At times like this, I wish I had a fucking husband, or something.

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