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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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As Bad As It Gets...
I'm still stunned. £375 bought the information that Amazy has a huge mass in her bladder, almost certainly cancer, which is being checked out, but even if it isn't, surgery isn't a realistic option. I know many people will just think what an absurd, pathetic old woman I am, getting so worked up about a cat. I know I am, but my heart is fucking broken. I'm not even hungry!
She's not likely to have more than a few weeks, and this is all just out of the blue, since Saturday.
She's not even very old, although since I've had her, she's had to have thyroid treatment, and then it was discovered that she was in early renal failure. All of this has cost me a fortune in vet fees and rocketing insurance premiums, of course, but I'd hoped she's live to a fine old age, like Wotan. She's such a nice cat. I don't feel up to saying much more right now, and I'm fully aware of how much worse the griefs of others are, at present, but pain is pain, and I got it...
BTW, thanks to everyone who's enquired after her. It does help in a strange way.
At times like this, I wish I had a fucking husband, or something.

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I'm so sorry (((hugs)))

Lee, I'm so sorry. She's an amazing cat, as one can judge from her billing, and it's sad news to hear. I'm sending long distance love and succor ..

Thanks so much guys. She's not the cat I would have chosen, but I've come to love her a lot. She deserves better.

She does, but like Ned Kelly is famously quoted, Such is Life.

I had to put Gabby down earlier this year and the memory is still fresh. But I had to do it - she was anemic and had wasted away too much to recover (I also thing the other cats were stealing her food). With a choice between letting her linger in pain or giving her a painless death there was no choice at all.

But afterwards, find a way to give her dignity. I buried Gabby under a rose bush which is flowering again, next to Pegasus. I don't know if you can do that, but I found it important for me and helped keep happy memories alive.


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You are absolutely right. The most important thing is that she doesn't linger in misery.
I'm for cremation, and I live in a high rise anyway, with no burial place at hand.

I don't know if that's happened yet, but yes, a good idea.

Poor lil' mog. But you took her in when no one else really wanted her, and gave her love and care. She was lucky you found her, you did right by her.

This is true. Without you she would have died ages ago.

Sorry, that last one was me.

Sorry to hear about the Kitty troubles. Strength to you.

So sorry to hear this…

All my cats have been rescues; as such, they "chose" me, not the other way around.

Stacey, the cat in my icon, was only with me for 10 months before she passed away in her sleep; she had been dumped twice at the "kill" shelter in town—and was "pulled" by a good Samaritan—and when I took her in she was shell-shocked: wouldn't eat, wouldn't move from her perch by the window.

I promised her she was safe, and in the ten months she had left, at least she was able to relax. Naturally, I still miss her.

I wish the best for your little moppet; it's so sad that they're with us such a short time.

Yes, rescues always seem to be 'special.' That was a good thing you did for poor Stacey.

Hugs you ((())))

Our cats worm their way into our souls; in a way they become a part of us.

I am so sorry to hear that Amazy has this condition. It must be awful for you.

So sorry to hear this, for you both.

Don't want to keep replying 'Thanks, thanks, thanks' individually, but all your kind words are so appreciated.

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