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Alarmed this morning to find Amazy's litter box spotted with big spashes of blood. Off to the vet (had to wait ages, of course, for all the peeps with proper appointments. Way too many dawgs for Amazy's taste. Much spitting and yodelling.
She's got a course of antibiotics, had a jab, and now it's fingers crossed that it's just an infection. It's cost £97.00 so far... There will, of course, be further tests, etc.
This week's films and stuff: FALLING was very absorbing, very good to look at, with good performances. It's a rather haunting tale, a la PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK about an outbreak of masshysteria (?) at a dreary girls' school.
The new TV LADY CHATTERLY'S LOVER was extremely Mills & Boonified, and pretty dull. I've always felt rather sorry for the obnoxious Clifford. I mean, he had reason enough to be a shit, and this version made him more sympathetic than usual.
I checked out one of those classics I've never seen, LA GRANDE BOUFFE, which is regarded as a black comedy. To me, it was just  dismal and depressing. (Four jaded, well-off friends decide to retire to a country house to eat themselves to death, and they do.) The worst of it was the sight of all the meat carcasses, calve's heads, etc. and the other nasty-looking delicacies. Barf!
Watched the first episode of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, which was totally uninvolving, and I don't suppose I'll bother to watch more.


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Poor Amazy, hope it clears up soon!

Good to hear you're still the inspiration of the estate, perhaps you can snag yourself a gym buddy!

I hope that Amazy is OK - please keep us updated

Thanks guys. Not much change so far, but she's got to finish a course of antibiotics, etc., Than get her urine tested. £££! apart from emotional anguish.

Argh, poor Amazy, and poor wallet.

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