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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Summer Sickness... (TMI Yuck Stuff)
Still bloody afflicted. Think I may actually not exercise in the drizzle today. Started feeling peculiar Friday, and by the evening my throat had closed right up, and swallowing was really difficult and painful. I needed to cough, as I could feel/taste nasty mucous, but couldn't bring it up. It loosened a bit by Saturday morning, and exercising helped with that a bit, although I felt pretty grim. The heat, of course, didn't help, and I continued hacking, and now, blowing my nose all day and all night. Sunday, I discovered a lot of other locals were similarly stricken. I started to feel worse, again, and this time, nausea and stomach cramps joined the party. Spent the (thank Christ, cooler-) day in the chair drowsily bingeing on series one of BATES MOTEL. It's not great, but OK, with some good acting.
Wonder where these weird summer bugs originate? They seem even worse to me than lurgies you pick up in the winter, maybe because I usually feel unwell in the summer anyway. Feh


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I'm surprised Amazy is determined to lap in that weather. I don't see much of mine on summer evenings.

I can't figure it, either. Maybe she just does it to torture me!

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