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DVD Summer Slimes On...
I know we've been relatively lucky in London as far as heat goes, but there sure has been plentiful sick-making mugginess. I was sneezing, coughing and wheezing 'orribly in the park, and still am. Another slumped and mindless day seems certain...
Recent Watches:
THE BABADOOK came up on Netflix, so I gave it a second look. It really is a very good film, despite its lack of shocks
( I might also add an annoyed grunt about the inevitable gruesomely tragic demise of an animal. Critters have even less chance of surviving a horror film than POC.)

  • I don't recall ordering THE BLACKLIST, but Lovefilm is sending it to me. In my current fog, I find it passably entertaing, although pretty formulaic. James Spader is creepily watchable as ever, and his character is intriguing, but everyone else is pretty plastic. (BTW, wouldn't he and Paul Dano make a good father/son spooky criminal team?)

  • SET FIRE TO THE SUN was an interesting biopic about some of Dylan Thomas' US misadventures. Gods, what a massive shower that man was. I read somewhere that Brinnin was in love with him, so I guess that's how he survived trying to keep him alive and functional on his reading tours. There was very good thesping, from Celyn Jones and Elijah Wood, and the film looks good, in B&W

  • Re-watched CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF after decades. Quite entertaining, still. Oliver Reed made an excellent werewolf (good makeup, sparingly seen, and some rather scary wolfman noises.) I guess being a bit of a wild 'un in RL possibly added to the performance.

  • LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM was slightly better than I remembered. Peter Capaldi and Hugh Grant looked like bloody teenagers, and there were a few giggles.

  • TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER was OK. I don't recall seeing the film, although I know I read the book at some point. Denis Wheatley was a truly dreadful writer, well in the Dan Brown league, but like Brown, he had the knack of keeping his lurid yarns jogging right along so that you continued turnin' the pages in spite of yourself. This film had a cast full of big names, and passed a couple of sweaty hours painlessly.

I have a horribly sore throat, now, and am coughing up mucous with great difficulty an discomfort. Bugger.


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It seemed pretty humid today, I was wet through after hoovering, it was ick!

If I could have snipped the Spader bits out of Blacklist and just watched those, I would have seen all of it rather than the episode and a half I managed.

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