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Carry On Sweating...
Still feels opressively muggy, to me, although mercifully overcast.
Watched this travel show on TV last night, where several groups of 'typical tourists' are sent off to popular destinations. They ended up in Dubai this time. What a horrible place it seems, rather like Las Vegas in its extreme visual hellishness. Also like Las Vegas, though, it has a weird attraction, in its intense dreadfulness. If I got a free jaunt, like the TV people, I'd be curious to have a look for myself. I certainly would never pay to go there, though, even if I could afford to.
Watched a DVD, WINTER SLEEP, a Turkish opus over three hours long, about a self-centered, wealthy artiste, living in the boonies with his discontented family and neighbours. Mostly, it consisted of carping conversations, and should have been dreadfully boring, but I got quite into it, for some reason. I do recommend watching it in instalments, though, if you have a go.
Also saw THE FIGHTER. I have a peculiar soft spot for boxing films, especially really old, gritty ones like CITY FOR CONQUEST, THE SET-UP and CHAMPION This was of little interest, though. Decent performances from Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale, and some pretty dodgy Boston accents. Also appearances of the real people it was based on, during the credits were interesting.
As part of my old horror film 'project' I watched  THE EXORCIST 2.  I'd  thought I must have seen it, but didn't remember it at all. I don't think I could have forgotten James Earl Jones dressed as a giant locust...All in all, it's nowhere near as bad as it's made out to be, although it's not a real 'horror'. I found it pretty interesting.
R Next Door was complaining about how people in England give their dogs 'human' names. She reckons that there are special lists in German of names appropriate for animals,(except cows, which are allowed to be given lady names.) This doesn't sound right to me. I've known German peoples' dogs called Fritz, Gunther, etc. As usual, though, no point in arguing with R...

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I love Las Vegas for precisely the reasons you mention, so maybe I should give Dubai a whirl sometime. The only problem is that it would be hard to revel in the awfulness when you know how they're treating the foreign workers all around you.

It's also expensive beyond imagination. An ordinary bottle of wine costs about £300!

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