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'Lovely Summer Sunday' (Grunt)
In my current 'project' of re-watching old films, especially horror, I sat up to see MARY SHELLEY'S FRANKENSTEIN, which I hated the first time. Despite its being a pretty lush production, with a few arresting visual moments, and having a strong cast, I still find it plodding and mediocre. The absolute worst thing about it, though, is the ludicrously melodramatic score, which blasts away throughout. It might be rather less dreadful without that.
BBC4 started a riveting new series about Frank Sinatra. It boasts a lot of unusual archive stuff, and even if you're not particularly into Sinatra himself, and I'm not, so much... it's fascinating social/cultural history.
Bloody hot and smelly in the dog park this morning. People are being negligent about scooping the poop. Slobs.
So far, it's building into a proper SweatyBetty day. Even R Next Door was feeling a bit hot. I've exercised, tidied up, and showered. Now I'm going to look at DVDs, I guess, and draw a bit. Such excitement... Oh well, a bit less sneezy, anyway.


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