Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Kill Me Now?

I was rather upset by the news item about the 72-year-old, evidently not in desperately bad health, who went off to be euthanised in Switzerland, recently. Her partner said that amongst her other ailments, she was able to do stuff in the mornings, but later, she'd collapse on the sofa 'watching daytime TV and drifting in and out of sleep!'  Sounds pretty much like my life. Scary...I'd certainly rather be gaping dozily at FLOG IT and swilling coffee, though, than being put down,any time.
This week's films have included IT FOLLOWS, ( which I quite liked. Unusual, with a really creepy atmosphere), and a couple of the old Universal and Hammer epics I've been revisiting. Even as kids watching SHOCK THEATRE on Friday nights, we considered stuff like FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN pretty lame, but looking at it today, it actually has more imagination and dreamlike atmosphere that a lot of fancy modern horrors. BRIDES OF DRACULA was really handsome-looking, too, especially considering how low-budget these films were. I'm rather curious about the lead bloodsucker, David Peel. 'Count Karnstein' seems to have been his only leading role, and he quit acting immediately afterwards to become an art dealer. He only lived to 61, and was probably gay. That is all. There doesn't seem to be any other information on him.Strange. He certainly had an excellent voice, anyway.


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