Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Weird Little Bugs...

Recently, I've found a lot of tiny insect corpses on the window sills, etc, and seen a few live ones in the kitchen...and one crawling on me! They're brownish, domed things and rather like the 'scale' you see on plants. What are they? Me no like.
Watched TUT again, last night. The second hugely long episode was rather livelier than the first, and all in all, I quite enjoyed it; a lavish, rather TUDORS-esque 'historical' (and hysterical-) romp.
Had my totally deteriorated fake nails removed. Can't afford to keep having them 'done' all the time, so had a French Manicure on my real nails. Looks quite reasonable. Hope it lasts a while.


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