Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Killing Critters Is Very Bad, But...

Of course, I was sickened and saddened by the cruel and pointless death of popular lion Cecil, but it's really not the Holocaust. I don't think I've seen such a frenzy of emotional incontinece since Dead Diana.
I've also been wondering if I should block this anti-animal cruelty group that keeps posting on my FB feed. We should, of course, be aware of these things,and protest against them, but this is more like torture porn; constant graphic photos of dreadfully abused/dead animals doesn't help them. The comments tend to be rather peculiar, too; lots of upper case hollering, bad grammar and spelling, and intense blood lust..."CUT HIS PENIS OFF!", "JESUS will send them to HELL to burn FOREVER for this!" I don't think that's Jesus' style, somehow.
Speaking of torture porn, I caught up with the first two HUMAN CENTIPEDE flicks. Actually, they're rather better than I anticipated. The first one featured a mesmerisingly mad turn by the very scary-looking Dieter Laser (the alarming 'Mantrid' in LEXX), and the second, in grungy b&w, boasts a truly astonishing performance by one Laurence R, Harvey, an utterly er-unique-looking individual, who gives a totally uninhibited and creepy impersonation of the mentally-challenged maniac. Crikey!

I also watched BIG EYES, a rather conventional-looking film from Tim Burton. It was an interesting story, though, which I didn't really remember from RL. I knew the wife was actually responsible for the unaccountably popular 'Keane' paintings, but didn't recall the big court case, etc.

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