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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Killing Critters Is Very Bad, But...
wtf cat
Of course, I was sickened and saddened by the cruel and pointless death of popular lion Cecil, but it's really not the Holocaust. I don't think I've seen such a frenzy of emotional incontinece since Dead Diana.
I've also been wondering if I should block this anti-animal cruelty group that keeps posting on my FB feed. We should, of course, be aware of these things,and protest against them, but this is more like torture porn; constant graphic photos of dreadfully abused/dead animals doesn't help them. The comments tend to be rather peculiar, too; lots of upper case hollering, bad grammar and spelling, and intense blood lust..."CUT HIS PENIS OFF!", "JESUS will send them to HELL to burn FOREVER for this!" I don't think that's Jesus' style, somehow.
Speaking of torture porn, I caught up with the first two HUMAN CENTIPEDE flicks. Actually, they're rather better than I anticipated. The first one featured a mesmerisingly mad turn by the very scary-looking Dieter Laser (the alarming 'Mantrid' in LEXX), and the second, in grungy b&w, boasts a truly astonishing performance by one Laurence R, Harvey, an utterly er-unique-looking individual, who gives a totally uninhibited and creepy impersonation of the mentally-challenged maniac. Crikey!

I also watched BIG EYES, a rather conventional-looking film from Tim Burton. It was an interesting story, though, which I didn't really remember from RL. I knew the wife was actually responsible for the unaccountably popular 'Keane' paintings, but didn't recall the big court case, etc.

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I think the local Zimbabweans are less bothered about it, in spite of Cecil's tourist drawing credentials. They're probably more nervous that nit-wit Americans will stop paying 50,000 dollars to hunt. No one wins at this.

No doubt much of that money disappears into corruption, but I've heard some pretty sad stories from tourists visiting Zimbabwe. The local money is worthless, so to buy a trinket, a vendor asked the tourist for her bra for his wife, in exchange for a carved souvenir. Locals are possibly less concerned at affluent foreigners getting upset over an animal. BBC radio was saying it's pretty much non-news over there.

All these humans are getting up in arms about one lion who was shot in a canned hunt, while ignoring the millions of animals—both land and sea, both factory-farmed and "free-range"—that are killed every year to satisfy humans' taste for meat.

Actually, it's billions, and most people can't figure out why the environment is going to hell in a handbasket. We're doomed.

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