Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Fubar'd Stuff, Etc....

I've only seen one press complaint about the newish Boris buses, but I'm amazed they haven't caused a fainting epidemic. They are quite nice-looking, but unfit for purpose. I suppose the non-public transport reliant designers assumed that because of the Routmaster style open platform at the back, that there was no need for air conditioning OR windows that open. In London, of course, buses are often stationary for longish periods, and the air that does get in is heavy with toxic traffic fumes... I used to like travelling on the 24. No more.
The lift to my floor has broken down yet again; four days, now, This is very tedious for my knees, my rickety shopping trolley, poor old Lula the dog, and many others.
Everyone's increasingly uptight about the estate 'regeneration' (ie: social cleansing) that will be taking place over the next five years. These poorly-plumbed, dangerously lifted towers are 'safe', but the low rise courts are doomed. (They've just finished upgrading them to 'decent' standard...) They will be replaced by taller buildings, and a lot of our precious green space will go, too. We have enough crime around here without bloody overcrowding. Of course, much more council housing is needed and has to go somewhere. I dunno, it's all  a mess.Saw two quite upsetting documentaries. BLACKFISand CIRCUS ELEPHANT RAMPAGE, that made me ponder on how little we know our fellow sentient beings, and how even with the best intentions, we often do them (and ourselves!) so much damage.
Another Channel 5 'documentary', part of the Supersize Season (!) completely sickened me. The lipsmackingly spiteful narrations of these things are always nauseating. ('She gets over £1500 in government handouts a month!' etc) Possibly worse than that, are the people they choose to present. Two very fat men who want to work were shown, although, of course their state funded idle lifestyle was also mocked, but the admittedly horrid woman was obviously in a bad way mentally, and couldn't realistically be expected to hold down a job, even at a 'normal' weight. Much was made of the luxurious wetrooms provided by councils for us unwieldy fat bastards, too. I felt a bit guilty for having one...but seriously, even at my current less immense weight, I couldn't get out of a bath with my kaput knees, without serious risk to life and limb.


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