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Dull Days...
My mind has completely gone. All I can deal with these days is watching TV...
Saw the rest of RIPPER STREET series 3. Perhaps not so good as the first two, but still pretty damn  good. It starts on BBC1 next week.
Cronenburg's MAPS TO THE STARS was an excellently odd coal-black comedy/ ghost (?) story/psychological thriller. Quite creepy and kinky.
NIGHTCRAWLER was  interesting, too. How does Jake Gylenhaal manage to keep transporming his body all the time, from scrawny nerd to pumped athletic type and back again? Surely that ain't healthy.

Had my ears checked for wax build-up. (Ain't got none...) so now I'll have to be tested to see if I'm properly going deaf, and need a bloody hearing aid. The nurse, who I hadn't seen in some time, said I looked 'fantastic' and how good it was to see me looking 'so well' (ie: less fat).


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