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Pregnant Giants & Electric Toothbrushes...

Bah! The Self-portrait thing was closed to the public because of a launch party (mumble...fuckin'corporate devils and posers...grunt-) so I went on to the Ron Mueck thing which was really very impressive. Man, every eyelash, every pore...That guy must be a real obsessive. Hats off to him. There's a very good short film that shows him at work, painstakingly inserting every leg hair, etc. Quite astonishing...I particularly liked the ready-to-pop giant lady. Her feet are mesmerisingly colossal. I guess they have to be, to keep her from tipping over. It really tickled me. She has gooseflesh, too-
I then went through the whole weary half-price toothbrush dance at Boots Trafalgar Square ,which took about half an hour with no result. Nobody seems to know anything about this promo. I give up, anyway. They gave me a customer services number, and Renate can take it from there, if she wants to.
I liked the Ron Mueck stuff so much, I decided to leave the Becks show for another day, as it was almost sure to look really crap after that, and I'd like to be in a frame of mind to be charitable when I see it. (Aw, who am I kidding, I'm sure to enjoy bitching about the banality of the youth of today, and how they should give me some money instead-)
Actually, I have to admit that Francis Uprichard, she of the wriggly moaning mummy, sounds engagingly mad, in interviews...

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