Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Just Another Day...

Watched FOXCATCHER, quite a strange film about a true life murder case that I don't remember at all, although it must have been pretty high-profile, as it involved a hugely rich man with a famous name, who, among other fixations, was obsessed with wrestling. Very weird, and quite engrossing.
The horrid clammy humidity continues, although there's some breeze, and it wasn't quite as hot as threatened.
BIG BROTHER final tonight. My money's on ordinary-girl Chloe, although my favourite is still grumpy-kid Jack ('Pie Face'), with low self esteem rich boy Nick a close second. (His hair fascinates me...)
Scary incident the other night, when a bloke from our block was attacked by four youths outside, and had his face slahed with a piece of broken glass. His dog chased them off. There are a lot of kids hanging around lately ('Eastern Europaeans!' huffs R Next Door...) Saturday morning when I went to the park, I found three of them sprawed spark out on the lawn, one right in front of 'my' rowing machine. I thought perhaps I should ask if they were OK, as they could have been dead, or OD'd, but I was afraid that it was a ruse to get people to come over, so they could jump up and murder them...After some time, one did get up, and stagger towards the others; a girl,it turned out, who looked about twelve; terrible to see kids so young living like that. We'll be seeing a lot more of it, I fear, in this Big Society...

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