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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Interesting Times...
Heaven knows whar's going to happen after the Greek referendum. I'm anti-austerity, so was pleased at the 'No', but all sorts of weird and unpleasant things might ensue, for everyone...
Ambulance and cop cars at Larkhall Park again. That's such a bad-vibey place. Something rum always seems to be happening there.
What is the story on those new 24 buses with the sealed windows? The assumption would be that they're  air conditioned, but you *gasp* wouldn't know it.
HUMANS is getting quite interesting now. Nice touch at the end of last night's episode.Ew.


Damn, I am So. Bloody. Hungry...

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No sugar or carb! Cheese, good quality fat (butter) and dare I say it... meat and fish protein. Cut out those and the bod overcompensates with carb craving.
I've lost weight since ditching carb and relaxing good fat. It sates you.

Sorry to hear you're struggling. Some people say that if they get off the fatcarbos for two weeks they stop craving it, although I bet that doesn't work for everybody. Being hungry is utterly miserable - is there any possibility it's related to something else other than your intake? A while ago you mentioned having a problem with acid (I hope I'm remembering this right), and for me feeling hungry all the time no matter what I eat is a dead sure sign of too much acid.

Hmm, don't know, really. Acid is certainly a problem.

I'm guessing that's something to do with the procedure? If there's any possibility of them getting it better under control, it probably would be worth pursuing in case it affects the hunger situation. If you feel that you're still a little bit hungry no matter how much you've eaten, it might well be that. Acidy "hunger" is relentless.

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