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Icky Sticky...
Still too hot for me, and it feels muggy, too, but the worst torture today is POLLEN. Oh, the sneezing and itching. Yuck.
I don't really watch BIG BROTHER any more, but I dip into it, now and then. The housemates are so dull, they've been reduced to dragging in BB 'legends' from the past to spice things up, Marc is definitely one of the most obnoxious looking twerps imaginable,
I was. once again, incapable of further activity after exercise and a trip to LIDL. This afternoon I sat gawping at a NETFLIX series, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN based on the film. Not very good, but good enough to google groggily at.

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That looks... really bizarre!

It was pretty weird, especially since he had a big torso with short legs. (He's just been evicted.)

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