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Here Comes Feckin' Summer...
Got up early, this morning, already hot, and did my Official Crazy Old Fat Lady Workout routine downstairs at 7:30. Glad to be done with it, have been hiding out in darkened rooms ever since. Fans have been unpacked and await the morrow, when it's going to get even worse. I send compassionate vibes to the young 'uns who have to work and use public transport. Don't forget your bottled water, and hang in there...Come to think of it, I just cannot comprehend how people who do Ramadan don't actually pass out several times a day, especially when it's extra hot. Not eating all day is unpleasant, but not drinking AT ALL seems downright dangerous. Is there some special technique that gets people through? Just can't figure it...
I put down one of those Cool Pads for Amazy, who seems completely uninterested in it. Stoopid animal...
Stuff wot I have watched recently:
A newish restoration of CABINET OF CALIGARI, which looks good, and has several bits I don't remember seeing before.
Another restoration, of a 1934 three-film adaptation of LES MISERABLES; not bad at all; definitely has its moments.
The final episode of JONATHAN STRANGE AND MR NORELL. I've enjoyed this, but found some of the episodes dragged a bit. Never read the book, but some who have, seem to approve of this series. It certainly went out with a bang. Loads of entertaining action (and Childermass was such a hottie, throughout...)
I also quite liked the first episode of Antony Pappano's CLASSICAL VOICES series, chatting about the soprano voice and showing interesting old clips of divas in action, etc.
We have a new subtitled, sombre series on Saturday nights (BBC4), CORDON, a Belgian effort, which so far, seems pretty diverting.

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Well the way people seem to survive in Iran in the 40 degre heat is to just drink the bloody water anyway. And, to be honest, nibble food if necessary. You just have to be surreptitious about it. ;)

I've been told that the devout aren't even allowed to pump up some spit and swallow it!

They don't seem very devout in Iran, it's been an eye-opener. Unsurprisingly, the more people are forced into something, the more they resent and rebel against it.

Not eating all day is unpleasant, but not drinking AT ALL seems downright dangerous.

It is. My ex-boyf was Baha'i (they fast as well) and he got kidney stones.

Jonathan Strange was slow to get going - too slow for most people, it seems, as I hear it rated badly. But I kept going because the acting was amazing, and by the latter half I was completely gripped. Looking forward to the final. And you're so right about Childermass! I was making lascivious remarks about him the whole way through. I did read the book, but remember zero about it except that I found it disappointingly boring. The TV series was much better.

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