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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Cinematic Crapola...
Well, I did know it was going to be rubbish, but you know, dinosaurs in 3D. I couldn't not see JURASSIC WORLD...
Random observations:

  • I'm still failing to appreciate the apparent universal allure of Chris Pratt. He looks like a Ken doll.

  • Ethnics and/or chubsters are still the first to perish in the event of monster mayhem.

  • Waste of Vincent D'Onofrio.

  • It was a bit sexist, but not so much as many people seem to think; more of a disstaff rehash of the Sam Neil character's 'journey' into domesticity in the original.

  • Yes, the dinos are cool to see, but there was like NO suspense, or any proper scares. Total kid stuff. Bah.

I am an eejit. I knew I should have gone to LONDON ROAD.  Just..couldn't...help...myself.

Christ, my knee hurts. Could barely hobble home. Should have taken  a Tramadol. Hot weather always makes it worse. (Or so I 'imagine'...)

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Chris Pratt is meant to be alluring? I had no idea. I saw him on Graham Norton recently and found him eminently forgettable. Not even pretty enough to be a Ken doll IMO. I'm too idle to haul myself out to the cinema when I have a projector and screen at home, but by the sound of it this one's not even going to make it to my DVD list. I can do without one more sexist chubster/ethnic munching movie.

It's only worth sitting through in 3D. I wouldn't say it's overtly sexist/racist/weightist; just totally cliched and dull.

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