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Yawn & Stretch...

Now that he has a top fang missing, Wotan looks a bit like the cat in GET FUZZY. Today I went to Clapham junction for Renate's & my groceries. I had to go to Boots and try to buy this dopey electric toothbrush that was on half price offer for her. I hate that shop. You always have to wait for ages, and the staff all seem to be 'challenged'. I had the ad with me, and bagged the last one, so felt rather pleased with myself... Then, after about ten minutes in the checkout queue, (Prissy posh mum in front berating her screaming spawn: "Piers! We'll have to go home with no yoghurt if you don't stop!") another one opened up and the bloke said the offer was invalid. Soooo, I had to stump about a mile to the back of the huge, empty shop, where this strange woman who kept blinking furiously (broken spring?) told me that the ad was out of date. (It was from Saturday's paper; no date given for the offer-) Well, UP YOURS, girlie! I don't want your stupid electric toothbrush anyway, I'm just here as a favour...Mumble...She was the sort of dim person you couldn't even abuse, though, so I just waddled off tsk-ing.
Think I might go to the NPG tomorrow and see the new self-portrait show, then the Ron Mueck stuff at the National, then the Beck's Futures at the ICA, if I have the strength...I should, of course, be producing art myself...

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