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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Media & Moaning...
I'd been forgetting to check out FORTITUDE, but while casting about in Helsinki for something in English, I came upon an episode that contained possibly the most grotesque act of screen violence I've ever seen. (A must, then.) I saw the first episode last night, and it's quite riveting.
I've also done a bit of bingeing on ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK 3, which is still  good, so far.
As for the GOT season finale, Gordon Bennett! Others will have said it all by now.
Wrnt to hospital for the latest follow-up on my sleeve gastrectomy. As I'd feared, I've managed to gain some weight back, over the past year. The nurse was shocked to see the actual numbers, as she'd just been saying I definitely looked like I'd lost more. Maybe that's due to the exercise. I might have toned up a bit. Anyway, this is depressing, 'triggering' news, and I now have to start starving myself, when I'm already hungry all the time. *Whine*

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If you look thinner but are heaver that you look it does sound like some toning is occurring. You are walking further and for longer than every before, I'm guessing you will have built a lot of new muscle from that.

Edited at 2015-06-17 06:57 am (UTC)

Ha ha, I've been telling myself that...Hope you're right!

R should always dress with her unsightly mouth covered.

Forgot to add that if the nurse thinks you look thinner and your clothes are still getting looser, it sounds like extra muscle to me. The clothes test is pretty infallible unless you have fluid retention or whatever.

I don't suppose you remember what episode of Fortitude had the heavy duty violence? I've seen the first ep and loved it, but I'm totally squeamish about violence and would love a bit of warning re what was happening just before if you happen to remember so I can keep my eyes shut. (Which is how I've watched large chunks of Game of Thrones season 5.)

Well, so far there are several bits of fairly intense violence. The one that freaked me out was I think, in episode 7 or 8. Sick 'Shirley' suddenly gets up and...

Thanks for that - I will be ready in general to slam my eyes shut - and I will keep a very close watch on Shirley!

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