Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Sweaty Sunday...

Gruesome humidity, but at least I was able to get downstairs to the park without taking a Tramadol, for the first time since my Nordic excursion.
More random Helsinki memories before they all vanish:
These guys underwhelmed be a bit because of my unrealistic expectations of their gigantism, but they're lovely. They give the building a sort of fairytale quality, most unlike your average train station.

I was completely captivated by the gorgeous Kapelli cafe, hangout of Mr Sibelius and such. It's near the harbour and the best-ever place to just sit and people-watch. I usually avoid expensive eateries, but it was just so worth it to chill in this ultra-elegant, sophisticated venue. The food is lovely, but you don't get that feeling that you often do in posh places, that you have to eat/drink up and get gone. You can just buy a drink and gawk for a while, no problems.

I actually managed to crawl into the Ateneum, on Wednesday, despite my big owies, but only the ground floor is open at the moment. I really liked the building, and what was on show, though, and would love to go back for the Mystic North exhibit...
Not much of a one for 'the country', I went along toSeurassari because it had been recommended, and Camilla wanted to go, but it was bloody fantastic. Twenty minutes or so from the centre, and it's like you're in the Forest Primeval. There are many little cabins were people used to live and work (and many very scary, uneven wooden steps...!) The strange little church with the 'Beauty and the Beast'  torch-holding arms along the wall, the amazingly fresh air, the sense of peoples' lives going on in this magical environment, etc. Do go, if you can.
Cinnamon buns are definitely the greatest Finnish contribution to world cuisine. I consumed an obscene number, and on the last day, to soothe myself after nearly hobbling under a tram, I indulged in a scoop of the local Ben & Jerry's cinnamon bun ice cream! Oh Lordy...
The modern art museum. Karisma. hosted a huge Mapplethorpe exhibit, which was good, although I was very familiar with most of the stuff. There was also a good show of portraits, Face to Face, which included the most strange, haunting little film, MICHAEL, by Adel Abidin, in which Mr Jackson, who has returned from Beyond, grants an exclusive TV interview about his postmortem experience and thoughts. It's really something,and I'm still obsessing about it.

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