Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Dead Cultural Icons...

I was really sad to discover that Christopher Lee had passed away. I didn't even know until yesterday afternoon, as there was no English news on Helsinki TV , and I was too knackered to watch/read any when I first  got home. Of course, it can't be called 'tragic' as he had such a  long, interesting, creative life. Still a damn shame, though. Last time I went on a trip, Leonard Nimoy died. The arts world has just lost Ornette Coleman and Ron Moody, too. Criminy.
I did manage, with the aid of Tramadol, to do my workout this morning, very slowly and ginerly, but it did help unkink my upper bod. Feet and legs still in a world o' pain, though. Oucha!  Despite being somewhat physically dead, I must say that my northern jaunt improved my mood a lot. I'd been suffering extra-badly with the ol' depression, but feel considerably chirpier now.
Random thoughts on the trip:
Didn't mention that Helsinki is really small. Most of the interesting sights are within walking distance of each other... I was a bit disappointed in the colossi outside the railway station, as I'd somehow imagined them to be Valley of the Kings-sized. They're still nice, though, as is the lovely Art Nouveau/Deco interior of the station. LOADS of cool Nouveau statues, etc. all over the place. I did note that there seemed to be no art supply or comic shops, which is a minus.They're probably around somewhere, though. I did stumble across a 'Metaphysical' bookshop with Tarot cards and whatnot, but it was closed.
The market at the harbour is very jolly, lots of stalls selling fruit & veg, flowers, a bit of touristy stuff, and lots of drinks & snacky things. Lots of arrogant hardcore gulls about; many with black heads.
Thought it rather odd on the tourist coach, that they announced we were passing Senate Square but failed to mention the two humungous, beautiful cathedrals that loomed on the hills above.


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