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Dunno why...

I feel good to-day. I've done several watercolours so obscene that they can't be displayed, which is no good, really. Must do stuff I can get money for...Everybody roared laughing at my rather lame piece in the writer's group yesterday. Strange, really. Once again I muse, if I'm so hot, why am I trying to survive on state benefit ? I suppose it's ancient twisted karma, or summat,plus, of course, the fact that I'm so socially inept and physically unattractive I can never make the kind of 'good impression' on the folks with the money that you need to be able to make, even if you're a supposed anarchist, iconoclast,crazy artist. You have to be the 'right' kind of crazy to get the brass. Mumble.
But honestly, folks, I am in a good mood. Dreamt I fucked my cat and a dreary ex-boyfriend ,last night, but I greatly enjoyed both grotesque events at the time.
God, that volcano in the Congo is a great spectacle-too bad about all the poor sods living there, of course, but you have to admit, there's something very exhilarating about a great natural cataclysm of vavoom like that...

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