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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Had my nails done, to try and look a bit civilised in Helsinki. Also had my first-ever pedicure, a strange and rather uncomfortable experience. I felt really decadent sitting there while the poor wee oriental slave girl toiled over my gnarled, calloused old plates; didn't seem right. Still, they look much more presentable than usual, now. In my guilt, I over-tipped ludicrously. I don't imagine those workers get paid properly, though, and there are probably about ten of them living in a shed out back.
A minor miracle! The scammy people I bought that dodgy potion for R from actually have given me a full refund, after all the fuss. Thank you, PayPal!
Two more sleeps until I travel to the northlands. Still bricking it, of course.

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Oooooh! Enjoy Finland!

I've had a handful of pedicures. I discovered (in a moment of desperation) that they're excellent for horrible, headachy jet-lag. That and after walking for 2 weeks in sandals in heat and dust and desert, you can try and soak and scrub your own feet, but ya can't beat a good pedicure. For me, it's the abrasive scrubbing more than the funky nails that I need. Last time, she gave up on the cheesegrater device and resorted to slicing chunks off my soles with a knife!

Yeah, the scrubbing felt good. I've sliced my own chunks off from time to time. The poor slave girl only cheesegrated me.

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I have read that Tippi Hedren the actress arranged beautician classes for Vietnamese refugee women after the end of the Vietnam War, which is why your pedicurist or waxer is probably Vietnamese or Hmong.

I wonder how it would feel to have a fish pedicure? Just a thought :-)

There was a brief craze for them here, but they were often very unsanitary.

I think I would pass on a piscean pedicure too.

The New York Times did a recent exposé of the nail salon industry over on our side of the pond; if it's anything like is reported in the article over there in merrie olde England, you're due for some reforms there soon. (Our mayor acted fairly swiftly to apply a Bill of Rights and a Task force to the situation.)

That said, I had been meaning to take my crummy old nails to a salon before the story broke, but as soon as I read it, I decided to start doing my own nails again. Eventually, they might even look as though I had someone else do it for me.

(Oh, and to motodraconis: does having your calluses sliced off cost extra there? Here it does.)

She didn't cut off corns or calluses, I think that would need a specialist? I'd just been doing a lot of walking and had thick skin on my heels. Usually that's cheesegrater time, but the heels were thick enough to be skimmed off with a knife.
She appeared to almost enjoy it! Like the satisfaction one might get from whittling wood.

A minor miracle! The scammy people I bought that dodgy potion for R from actually have given me a full refund, after all the fuss. Thank you, PayPal!

Great stuff!!!!

I can't imagine which is greater, the relief of having your money back or the relief of R not yammering at you about it. Knock 'em dead in Helsinki with your swanky nails!

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