Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,


Had my nails done, to try and look a bit civilised in Helsinki. Also had my first-ever pedicure, a strange and rather uncomfortable experience. I felt really decadent sitting there while the poor wee oriental slave girl toiled over my gnarled, calloused old plates; didn't seem right. Still, they look much more presentable than usual, now. In my guilt, I over-tipped ludicrously. I don't imagine those workers get paid properly, though, and there are probably about ten of them living in a shed out back.
A minor miracle! The scammy people I bought that dodgy potion for R from actually have given me a full refund, after all the fuss. Thank you, PayPal!
Two more sleeps until I travel to the northlands. Still bricking it, of course.


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