Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Wet And Crabby...

Again. hoped for a 'day off' exercise, but it wasn't raining, so I went ahead. Then, of course, it did rain. AND I got caught by R Next Door, who's still tormenting me about getting my money back from Paypal for this rubbish snake oil she insisted on my buying for her. It's MY fucking money that it's probably going to take months to get back, IF I get it. My patience is seriously running out.
This weeks DVDs were a strange and boring lot; I, FRANKENSTEIN, witha turn from Bill Nighy, and DRACULA UNKNOWN,with a cameo from Charles Dance. Not enough to save the film in either case. Tedious.
There was also a very peculiar MOBY DICK, with William Hurt as a rather jovial beardes Ahab with a cosy home life  (...Mrs Ahab was Gillian Anderson!)His wife and child are only mentioned a couple of times, and very fleetingly in the book. Pip was a slave boy who Ishmael rescued from being beaten, and Queequeeg was an extremely subdued, soft-spoken character, who even naked in the dead of night, weilding his tomahawk and shrunken head, couldn't be expected to scare anyone. There were so many really odd deviations from the book I can't imagine what they were playing at. Eddie Marsan was a credible Stubb, but Ethan Hawke as Starbuck? etc. etc.
Still freaking out about the upcoming travel I just can't get my head together. Ate pizza while watching 1864, and then conked out in the chair. Of course, when I woke up at 1 AM and shuffled off to bed, I couldn't sleep. When I finally dozed after 3, I had a scary dream about Schubert (something on the radio?) who was staggering around like a zombie, with his nose falling off, etc., from syphillis. Charming.
 Didn't crawl out of the pit until about 7:45, and now my day is all messed up. Collected the laundry and got wetter. Grunt.

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