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Bank Holiday Blahs...
Still feeling crap. Got exercising & supermarket trek done early, anyway.
Quite enjoying JONATHAN STRANGE AND MR NORELL, and there was a rather good outdoor PETER GRIMES on BBC 4 last night. 1864, as expected, is most engrossing. Knew absolutely nothing of this whole war...
Eurovision was disappointingly competent, on the whole, Bloody hell, where were the bopping babushkas and titty- thrusting farm girls? (There was a burning piano, quite a few gimps, and some dementors, though...)  Production values were pretty high, especially for the winning Swedish number. I didn't think much of the song itself. Serbia didn't even make the top five, which I think was most unfair; (gorgeous fat  diva, white-masked gimp attendants and a decent song-)
Doodles later, if I have the energy to scan...

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I hate to laugh at your doggy misfortune, but you made me.

Ditto - made me smile too.

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