Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Actually, It Really IS Very Good...

Still feeling weedy, but  I exercised and hobbled up to the High Street to see FURY ROAD. It is indeed one of those Wham! Chase! Fight! Explode! Boom! films I don't usually care much for,but so extremely well made and acted that I was right into it.
The characters were that bit more rounded than usual, even the unfeasably glam 'Breeders' on the run. All in all, an excellent piece of rock 'em, sock 'em respite from reality. Recommended.
Attempted to watch one of Peter Greenaway's wankier efforts, GOLTZIUS AND THE PELICAN COMPANY four times, and nodded off every time. Like all his work, it's very striking to look at, but I found it tedious in the extreme. Evidently his next film will be about Bosch. I hope he's on good form for that.
Got mugged in the park again, by the giant Baskerville-Hound type, Chelsea. His owner just laughs. Fucking thing should have one of those 'buzz' collars, for when he gets out of control. The owner says he's considering it. (Yeah-)

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