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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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I was praying it would be raining hard enough for me to skip exercising, but it wasn't... until I was halfway through, of course, then I got drenched. In the meantime, one of the dog walkers came up and said that this man was watching me intently, hiding behind trees, etc. Indeed, there was a creepy-looking bod in a tracksuit doing just that. I think I may have seen him before,  standing still in the distance, but I'd thought he was just watching a dog, or having a smoke. Now it seems I have to keep my eyes peeled and worry about him creeping up behind me when I'm in the zone, and cutting my head off with his machete. Damn!
1864 on BBC4 is looking quite good; nice to have something interesting to gawp at again on Saturday nights. It reminds me a bit of HEIMAT, which I used to follow obsessively. Cool.
THE ENFIELD HAUNTING (SKY) was pretty good, but I totally gave up in TAUTU (BBC3), which was intolerably tedious.
I think I may go to see FURY ROAD on an OAP day this week, although I'm sure it can't possibly be as good as everyone says. I like Tom Hardy, anyway.
The PayPal thing is extremely tedious, and they don't seem at all interested in what I've discovered about the 'company'.
On the plus side, Amazy's blood test results are good. Her kidney function has actually improved. Cernunnous. Bast,St Francis, etc. be praised.

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disconnect brain before entering cinema

Fury Road is fun, weird. Good old Brendan McCarthy got a writer's credit as well as a design credit on it. No-one's holding back.

Also good news about Amazy!

Edited at 2015-05-18 07:14 pm (UTC)

Good news on Amazy!

Ugh on the creepy dude. Can you report him to the concierge? If the concierge goes and has a friendly chat to him (thus indicating he's been clocked) it might get him to fuck off as he'd have been identified by an official witness.

Actually, the park isn't on the estate, but in Wandsworth rather than Clapham even though it's right behind the buildings. Didn't see the lurker this morning. He was aware that we were staring back at him, so maybe that scared him off. I'm sure he's quite harmless, but you know, WTF? People have a right to do their jerks & stretches ungawped at.

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