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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Ripped Off...
Stupidly, I agreed to shop online for R Next Door who was wanting some potion to help with her (and Lula dog's) eyesight, as she can't cope with PCs. I payed a bomb through PayPal, against my better judgement, and it turned out they no longer had the product, but had a generic, at, of course, a higher price. R asked for a smaller amount, to try it. When it arrived, it turned out to be over a month out of date, and I'm getting nowhere trying to get a refund. Sooo...
DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM Bionational Pharmeceuticals.   www.BioNational.com  They are dodgy.
I need this like a hot poker up the jaxie. Didn't want to be involved at all, but such is R's pester power that I succumbed. Fap.
I am currently in such a depression that dealing with anything is massively exhausting. Slept badly last night (after conking out several times during the day-), with that 'orrible 'My head is awash with bubbling poison' sensation and general doominess.
I did manage to crawl across the road to choir the other night. Unfortunately there were only four tenors attending, and the only other female one was the lady who doesn't like to sit next to me, 'cos my drain-like emanations put her off her stroke.
I felt seriously exposed, although the deputy leader seemed intrigued (or alarmed!) by my low register ( good resonance, wrong notes, usually-). He worked us hard, too, and when I got home I nodded off yet again, watching a prurient study of Marilyn Monroe's autopsy.
Looks like some interesting telly coming up this weekend, anyway. New Scandi drama on BBC4m after weeks of boring MONTALBANO repeats. Yeh!

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I just typed that company "Bionational Pharmaceuticals" into Google and it came up with a "scam report"


I gues that you didn't see that before you ordered from the company:(

No indeed. Thanks for the link!

As the commentator below me said, you do have some protection seeing that you bought it through paypal.
Go through them and jump through their hoops and you can probably get your money back

Suck. If you have the spoons to faff with it, you can get a refund via PayPal:


I've done it before when someone sent me the wrong thing and refused to correct it and I did get my money back.

Thanks, guys. Have started the PayPal hassling already *Sigh*

That is the best "Black Dog" picture I've seen in a long time :-)

How can a generic version COST MORE at any legitimate business? Of course it's obviously NOT legit.

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