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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Bored And Boring...
destroy planets
There seems to be a fairly large anti-Tory demo around Downing Street, but so far I've not seen anything on TV.
I've wasted another day, doing nowt, being depressed. I would have liked to check out the small press event near London Bridge, but it just wouldn't have been worth the anguish of getting there and back with the current transport problems.
This week's films included THE BABADOOK, which was of course, disappointing. Not that it's a bad film; as a psychological thriller, it's very good, but it's not scary at all.
Also saw Mario Bava's well kinky THE WHIP AND THE BODY, which must have been rather shocking in the 60's, with it's gloaty S&M antics. Christopher Lee certainly was a handsome man in his prime.
Finished off with GAMERA3, a pretty lame 90's japanese opus. Gamera was hardly in it.

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But, but, it's GAMERA - friend of all children!!!

Whereabouts are you staying in your trip to Helsinki? I haven't forgotten about recommendations...

Camilla has arranged for a place in the 'design district'. I don't yet know exactly where, but it looks nice.

I don't know that particular area very well, but it's very close to other cool stuff in the centre. Some of this stuff you will hardly be able to miss, but I'll include it in the list, anyway:

- The Esplanade, which is pleasant in itself, and has fun shops on each side, and frequently market stalls in the middle
- The Harbour, which always has market stalls
- Stockmann department store, very close to the end of the esplanade, which is one of the world's great department stores
- The architecture of the railway station (though it was largely obscured by scaffolding last summer)
- The Kiasma modern art museum, which I see had reopened after its refurbishment
- The Amos Anderson museum, which looked as if it was going to be very staid, but in fact was very varied and imaginative
- SIS deli and cafe on Kalevankatu. This was opposite my hotel, and they do a wonderful breakfast buffet in the mornings. Very reasonable prices for Helsinki.
- My other favourite restaurants in the area are not so cheap, but I'll mention them anyway: there's Aino on the north side of the esplanade, which has very traditional Finnish food, and the restaurant on the first floor of the Forum shopping centre, on Mannerheimintie, which has more modern Finnish food. I'm not sure of the name, but the decor was very green.

In the summer, terrace bars and restaurants spring up all over the place. The one at the top of the Sokos department store diagonally opposite Forum was very pleasant.

Interesting that you weren't scared by the Babadook. I wasn't particularly scared by the monster, but I was terrified about the possibility of the mother hurting the boy - and on that level it delivered fully for me as a horror film.

I should watch it again. I was vexed that it wasn't a 'real' supernatural spookfest. It was good, though. Excellent acting, especially the kid, who was remarkable.
Thanks for the Helsinki tips. I can't wait to see the railway station, as I always dream about places like that.

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