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Voted early, which was a good thing, as I had loads of time to get to the Coli. I needed it. We were stuck for ages, due to another accident at Vauxhall. It's really a death trap there.
PIRATES OF PENZANCE was very jolly.Mike Leigh's production had classic costumes and D'Oyly Carte style staging combined with an abstract set in blocks of primary colour. It worked quite nicely. Strtange how I still know every blinking word of the libretto when I can't remember recent, important stuff; very 'senior'.
Andrew Shore, who has plenty of form in this sort of thing was an excellent Major General Stanley, and all the roles were well filled. Claudia Boyle strutted a particularly mean coluratura as Mabel.

Getting home took forever, as well, with the eternal roadworks, etc. At the bus stop, I saw this man who looked uncannily like Steve Whitaker. It made me sad all over again that such a gifted soul was taken so absurdly early. *Sigh* Snot fair...
I watched the first episode of the new series of PENNY DREADFUL, which looks like it's gonna be a knockout. It does owe rather a lot to LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, but I guess it doesn't infringe any copyrights, as everyone's free to use public domain characters as they please,eh?
Helen McCrory is sublimely OTT, Simon Russell Beale is back, Rory Kinnear is creepy and touching as the Creature, and it's all cool. Speaking of the Creature, it does seem a bit surprising that he walks around London pretty much unremarked on, and seems to have little trouble finding employment, but there you go... Dead tubercular prostitute Billie Piper is about to become the Bride.
THE ENFIELD HAUNTING is fairly interesting, too. I remember that case, although I can't say I found it convincing, even at the time. It's well done, though, with a good cast, and it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

I'm in dread of five more years of Tory torment, but trying not to dwell on it...

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