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Avengers Overdo It...
Well. I can't say I was particularly thrilled by AGE OF ULTRON, although most people seem to get off on it. It's soo long, and while I enjoy some POW! WHAM! 3D battling, it does get stale after a while. I think it also helps if you're a follower of the comics. I used to read THOR and HULK back in the 60's, but the Avengers Universe is not one of my fields of expertise. Ultron was good, though, and I liked The Vision and Scarlet Witch.
This week's other films were BEFORE STONEWALL, an interesting potted history of LGBT activism, and THE CREMATOR, which. spooked me. It's a 60's Czech horror comedy, which is considered a cult classic. It's in grim B&W, and the purring, Peter Lorre-like voiceover of the maniac really got to me, after a while. Hauntingly creepy.

 Had the usual tortuous trek to Essex, for my last appointment with the surgeon. She seemed very pleased with the results. given what a state I was in to start with. She also offered to tidy up a bit if/when I go back for the 'apron' op.
Getting home was even worse than usual; three and a half hours... The busses were all up the creek due to demos, and I had to go all around the houses, to finally pick up a 452 in Fulham, which, of course, crawled back inch by inch.
I was ravenous by then, as I hadn't eaten since breakfast. I really fancied some curry, but as soon as I'd eaten a bit, I barfed. There are some things I still can't tolerate. Hey ho...

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I think I've missed the boat with the Marvel universe. I gave Agent Carter a go, and loved the period setting and the fact that it had a female lead, but it all seemed to be about events in the Marvel universe I knew nothing about and they weren't about to tell me. I'll leave it for the fans.

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