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Absurd Vanity...
The other day I bought an AntikBatik embroidered smock at TK Maxx for bloody £60.00! (Reduced from £200, but still utterly insane for someone in my position-) It's lovely, it suits me, but I shall have to return it, and that's that.
MP Kate Hoey is coming to a special meeting organised by the TA. tonight. (I'm going to choir-) I should go, of course, but it's going to be crowded and rowdy, and I'd rather have a sing. My bad... The current rumour is that Lambeth wants to demolish the whole estate, ship us all out to the boonies, and build new flats that will have much higher rents to keep us out. Scary, but of course, there's little real information yet.
Went to Foyles, which I find even more difficult to navigate since the refit. and blew my Christmas book tokens on travel guides and Trina Robbins' PRETTY IN PRINT. There are so many graphic novels I want to read at the moment, but they're just impossibly expensive. Everything's about £25.00. How do people do it?
Alas, the wonderfully tacky Chinese arcade on Charing Cross Road is closing down. I often browsed there, and sometimes invested in figurines and exotic bits. A great loss to tschotske enthusiasts. They had a good line in junk jewellery, too.
Just got bloody sodding wet and frozen in the dog park, and now the sun comes out...

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I get them from the library personally, though I know that our library is particularly good about that.

My local library only has a very few, mostly Marvel stuff.

Not the Chinatown Markets? NOOOOOO!

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