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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Cornish Corniness...
Well, I'm glad to see POLDARK has finished (for this season, anyway-) I keep watching it because I think I must be missing something, but every week I fall asleep at least once. The very 'objectified' Aidan Turner is indeed a handsome young man, if far too furry for my taste, but I found him more fanciable in BEING HUMAN.
Haave also been reluctantly following TATAU, just to see if it gets any better, but so far, it's extremely lame and unspooky.
Have started watching the latest HOUSE OF CARDS, and it continues to be good nasty fun. Mr Spacey and MsWright  are delectably EVIL.
Watched THE SKULL over the weekend. Another oldie I must have seen before but didn't really remember. Reasonably entertaining, actually.
My bedroom is piled high with junk. The rest of the place is so cramped anyway,I'm just taking stuff in there where I can shut the door on it, if anyone comes round. Disgusting.
Having scanner aggro again, too. Grump.
Terrible scenes from the  Nepal earthquake. What can one do, but give a few quid ? It doesn't seem like anything near enough, but so it goes...

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Well, most people seem to be saying "#PRAY for the victims of the #earthquake in #Nepal," but honestly, in a situation like this, money works better than deep thoughts.

I sent a few bucks to Doctors Without Borders because I know most of my donation goes directly to help the injured.

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