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City On Fire...

I keep dreaming about bloody battles, and soldiers, and things blowing up in the desert. My first reaction to seeing Bosch's 'Temptation of St. Anthony' tryptich 'in person' for the first time, in Brussels was 'Looks like Baghdad...'
Sounds like it might all be coming to a head. Hope it's nearly over, but somehow I don't think so...
Got another vet bill in the post. Ohhhhh, my God- By the time it's over (soon, I hope-) I will have shelled out over £1200 (non-existent, plastic-) to extend the life of an elderly moggy. The insurance covers less than 3/4 of that, so where's the rest gonna come from? Stoopid animal had better stay alive and well for a good long time, now!
There's absolutely bugger all on the box tonight, so I've been naughty and rented TALK TO HER. All the DONNIE DARKOs were out, and I toyed with the idea of ROAD TO PERDITION but couldn't face looking at Tom Hanks.(I've got a cold [or SARS-)and feel a bit fragile-)I see INSOMNIA with Al Pacino is in the shop now, too, but I want to see the original first.Decisions, decisions.
Anybody going to the Autobiographical Comics discussion at the French institute on the 12th? It's free, so I just might...

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