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Sooo Warm ...
Not really uncomfortable yet. I'm just praying we don't get a sizzler summer. Actually, yesterday was rather chilly, and I was soo 'bad', sat in the chair most of the day lapping up the rest of series 2 of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, and over-eating. No good.
Nothing doing today except another meeting about the building extravaganza that's on the cards. Once again, no real information.
I watched FELLINI SATRYICON, which I must have seen back in the day, but had no memory of. It was a fairly incomprehensible spin on classical capers. Very visually stimulating, of course. I always wanted to be an extra in a Fellini film, almost as much as I want to be a zombie. He was obsessed with odd-looking people, and you used to be able to stroll into his office in Rome and offer yourself. *Sigh* we both missed out.
Ah, GoT tonight... Mance Rayder not really ded (?) They've made enough changes in the books that you never really can tell. What larks.

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For one startling moment I thought R had started dishing out out compliments (which would surely be a symptom of approaching dementia). Then I realised the hair wasn't the hilarious yellow I enjoy so much:). (I'm s bottle blonde myself! Oh, the hypocrisy...)

R's hair is 'Natural', if you please! (I too, am a hypocritical bleacher, always trying to get what hair I have white, instead of grim shades of grey...)

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